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Main Idea

Lone Wolf Yeti Books is the self publishing company for Stacey Roi, author of the new children's book titled, "The Unicorn Princess!" Ms. Roi will be launching an entire series of children's books in the near future that are designed not only to provide parents with an engaging story to read with their children, but books where young readers can try their skills at learning to read themselves. It provides an interactive experience for both the reader and the audience. Each story presents lessons in discovering shapes, counting, colors, problem solving and vocabulary building. Some have underlying lessons that teach friendship across cultures, different ways to do things, but arrive at the same result, compassion for others, team building and most of all the importance of being happy and helping others to cause a ripple of positivity that reaches around the globe. "We want to encourage children to have a hunger to read books and learn about many things through giving them engaging and magical stories that take them to that place, within, that inspires belief. Simply because if you believe you can, then you are right." ~ Stacey Roi


Lone Wolf Yeti Books are great for children ages 2-8 and in grades pre-school to 3rd grade. Some of the books will target kids ages 8-13 or grades 2-8. Adults will find enjoyment, themselves, in reading the books with their younger children. The books provide a variety of topics that appeal to boys and girls alike.


Lone Wolf Yeti Books employs amazing illustrators from all over the globe, from Guatemala to Pakistan to the United Kingdom! Our illustrators are highly skilled in the correct use of colors, shapes, fonts, layouts, pictures and presentation that appeals to young children and actually aids in their learning skills."~ Stacey Roi

Fun Loving

Fun loving graphics grab the attention of young minds and make reading and looking at the pictures fun. The use of bright colors and simplistic formats provide strong visualizations for the children (and adults) helping them understand the themes and morals of the stories.

The stories provoke imagination using unique characters such as Lone Wolf, Yeti , unicorns, dragons, horses, fairy tale settings and real life situations. These stories may invoke a desire to love animals, believe in their own abilities, share, relax, have fun, go on adventures, perform acts of kindness, and build a sense of self.


"I think the most important thing we can instill in our children, especially before the age of six, but also all through their lives, is that they can be and do anything they believe that they can. In life there are no failures, only success and lessons." ~ Stacey Roi


Lone Wolf Yeti Books encourages young children to dream and get involved with hobbies that inspire imagination and belief. All little girls dream of owning their very own pony or that unicorns are real and little boys love to help their dads with building and fixing things. We hope our books will fill your children with a life-long appetite for learning


The author and her daughter collect Breyer model horses and have created a website around their passion for horses, which you're welcome to visit anytime at www.breyer.co.

The author has been an avid collector since she was 10 years old, which started her love for these majestic animals and, of course, she shared this love with her daughter. In turn, it led to the first book being written, "The Unicorn Princess."

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Andrew Orange

Stacey Roi


The author, STACEY ROI, lives in Delaware with her two cats, Romeo, and Lucifer. Her daughter attends a private university in Pennsylvania. Together they both enjoy horseback riding adventures wherever they travel. Ms. Roi enjoys writing, singing, horseback riding, being in nature and experiencing all that life brings. She has lived in Istanbul, Turkey and the United Kingdom and visited Germany. She loves a good adventure and her nickname, given to her by her friend in the UK, is LONE WOLF. Her friend is nicknamed, YETI.

Lyndsey Roi

Author's Inspiration

Lyndsey is the author's daughter and is the one who helped inspire the book, "The Unicorn Princess," many years ago. She is currently attending a private university in Pennsylvania where she is studying Equine Genetics. She lives on a farm where she cares for seven horses and she also works on a mini horse farm. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, exploring new places, horseback riding and visiting her friends.

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Lone Wolf Yeti Books

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